"Amanda provided valuable insight to me regarding a consulting opportunity in cosmetic medicine. Within minutes, it was clear she possesses a keen business sense and has a depth of knowledge that directly correlates with her entrepreneurial success. Not only did she advise me on the business aspect of cosmetic medicine but the actual products themselves, the required training and where to take it, pitfalls needing caution, various healthcare professionals and their involvement in providing cosmetic treatments and finally the financial implications and possibilities. I am indeed grateful for her advisement and felt significantly less overwhelmed by the opportunity solely due to the information she provided on different aspects of cosmetic medicine. What struck me about Amanda (in addition to her knowledgeability) was her down to earth persona and honourable business ethic. I truly appreciated her willingness to share her acumen and business perspective. Thanks so much Amanda!"

"Amanda is the coach, mentor, cheerleader I needed to get my seed-of-an-idea business to bloom into a real, successful, blossoming business. Not only did she give me a ton of encouragement along the way, not letting me even so much as think about giving up, but she gave me tools, strategies and practical business advice that I could apply to many stages in the process that all contributed to moving from ideation to execution."

"Amanda's first-hand retail/service experience, coupled with her intelligence and strong intuition for business, is a strong combination to be able to help other's succeed in bringing their goals to life. Amanda helped me so much along my journey and continues to do so today."

"Amanda took us to the next level!"

"You know when you care about something so much that you can easily forgive and become comfortable with it's short-comings? That was the position I was in at my cafe when I met Amanda. We had been open for 3 years and it was running along. The problem was that it had hit a cap, and was not yet profitable. Amanda came alongside our program with grace and a cheerleader attitude, and gave me several strategies to make our kitchen more efficient and productive. She was able to see things from an angle that I couldn't and brought ideas and an organizational know-how that were very easy to implement and were very effective in increasing our efficiencies and reducing our cost. The best thing about all of it was that she understood the heart of my business and offered changes that supported and encouraged that heart. Running a small cafe/restaurant is hard and personal. Amanda honoured all of our hard work and raised it to the next level in a truly honouring way. We have now been profitable for 4 years and Amanda's strategies have become core operating systems in our shop!"